Level 1 Walking Training

Posted by Martin Wynn

Level 1 Walking Training Saturday 17th August 2024 9.30-4.00 at  the County Office St Georges Court, Conwy House, Telford TF2 7BF. 

This training is for anyone wanting to gain confidence in taking girls out walking in easy and lowland country.

Brownies and Hedghogs

Posted by Martin Wynn

6th Whitchurch Brownies learnt about how to help hedgehogs during national hedgehog week, 5th – 11th May 2024.  The Brownies put together a hedgehog house which they have put in a community space near where they meet so they can monitor it.  The Brownies top tips for helping hedgehogs incudes-

Hedgehogs are Gardeners friends as they eat slugs and beetles.

Have spaces for hedgehogs to travel between gardens with holes around 13cm at the bottom of fences and hedges.

Check long grass for hedgehogs before cutting it.

Don’t use slug pellets as the are poisonous to hedgehogs.

Give hedgehogs water, hedgehog food you can buy or dog or cat food.  Never give hedgehogs milk.

If you have a pond cover with netting or make sure a ramp or way of hedgehogs getting out if they fall in.

Don’t drop litter or items which may injure hedgehogs.

Congratulations to Eileen Gillam

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Eileen has completed 70 years adult service to Girlguiding Shropshire. Eileen is currently a Vice-President and a Trefoil Guild member. Her many roles have included being the Leader of a Sea Ranger Unit, a District Commissioner, a Division Commissioner, a County and Region Outdoor Activity Adviser, Assistant County Commissioner and the County Treasurer. She was the designer and led the team of ladies who embroidered the current County Standard. She said that she thoroughly enjoyed her active Guiding and is hoping to be able to visit the Elements County Camp.

Super Heros!

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Meole Brownies learned about fundraising last term which inspired one young member to raise £175 for the local food bank in just 2 weeks! Congratulations on receiving your Girlguiding Shropshire superhero award from our County commissioner.

Fantastic Festivities

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We started the new year with a sleepover for our 14+ members based on celebrating festivities around the world. From cooking an Indian themed meal to making traditional Christmas decorations and Mexican crafts, a fun time was had by all.

Welcome to our new peer educators.

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Congratulations to 7 of our young members who completed their Peer Education training this weekend! (24/25 Jan) Peer educators are 14–25-year-olds who help Brownies, Guides and Rangers explore important topics. As young people, they use their own experience to bring the subject to life. Peer educators run safe, fun and challenging sessions which are developed with expert partners.

Girlguiding Midlands – Adult Social Walking Weekend 13-15 September 2024

Posted by Martin Wynn

This is a social walking weekend for adults in Girlguiding. Would you like to explore some Lake District hills, fells and mountains, with friendly people to go out with? This is the weekend for you! This is the first social walking weekend we have offered for a long time in Girlguiding Midlands, so please come and join us. There will be a mix of day walks on offer for you to join in with, from lower level walks with a teashop included, to longer walks up bigger hills and mountains. Or you may like to do a walk of your own choice. We hope you will be able to get some log book walks in if you are already involved in the walking scheme, or find out about the scheme, or simply come and enjoy walking with new people. More information and booking form on the Girlguiding Midlands website link below.

If members of Girlguiding Shropshire wish to join in with the Shamblers walking group for the weekend and coordinate the transport and food etc. please put “Shambler” in the any other information box on page 2 of the booking form.

Midlands Region Awards Dec 2023

Posted by Martin Wynn

Congratulations to Clare Wassall and Kay Sankey who received Chief Commissioner Awards from the Region Chief Commissioner, Clare Shinton. Pictured are (from left to right) Catherine Coleman (Assistant County Commissioner) Clare Wassall, Kay Sankey, Clare Shinton (Region Chief Commissioner) and Elaine Brannon (County Awards Chair). The presentation took place at Barton Under Needlewood on 3rd Dec 2023

The award recognizes the extraordinary contribution and dedication given by a member of Girlguiding Midlands who is providing quality guiding to girls and young women primarily at a unit level.

Longford Campfire

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Girlguiding Longford district had a bonfire at Neville’s Field in Edgmond, with campfire singing led by the Trefoil Guild – around 75 girls spending time together in the great outdoors!

Midlands Region Jump – July 2023

Posted by Martin Wynn

15 intrepid leaders from across the Region volunteered to fundraise and raise awareness of Girlguiding by completing a tandem parachute jump in July…. Including our very own Ranger Leader Debbie Bray.

“The date approached but sadly the weather was not in our favour the jump was postponed until October.”The date approached but sadly the weather was not in our favour the jump was postponed until October.

Blue almost cloudless skies beckoned in Nottingham as we approached SkyDive Langar Airfield. We had our training and then we were off….14000feet up, attached to my instructor James, filmed by Pete and we made my very first parachute jump.

Freefall initially then the parachute opened and we gently took  in the sights, I was allowed to steer and we did two half spins then two full spins (alas none were caught on camera but we DEFINITELY did them!!) and then a gentle, graceful landing – just like we’d practiced!

It was an absolutely amazing, fantastic experience! Thanks to my hubby Lance for driving all that way, to Graham and Josh for cheerleading, to Stephanie, Clare and the Region team for organising us all and for bringing badges, certificates, cake and refreshments! to Skydive Langar especially James and Pete my instructor and cameraman and the biggest thank you to all my wonderful sponsors…thank you so much.

More photos and the videos are on my fundraising page….

Debbie Bray is fundraising for UK Skydiving Adventures | Give as you Live Donate

Another amazing opportunity from Girlguiding…what will  your next adventure be? Make sure you grasp it with both hands!”