Awards and Recognition

Girlguiding Awards

Girlguiding awards recognise members for meritorious conduct, outstanding and excellent service and long service.

There are a number of national awards for which our members can be nominated, including the Thanks Badge and Good Service Brooch. To find out more visit the link below.

Midlands Chief Commissioner's Award

Award presentations for The Midlands Chief Commissioner’s Award 2023 –  held at Barton Marina, Barton Under Needwood on 3rd Dec 2023. Congratulations to Clare Wassall and Kay Sankey who received their awards from the Region Chief Commissioner, Clare Shinton. Pictured are (from left to right) Catherine Coleman (Assistant County Commissioner) Clare Wassall, Kay Sankey, Clare Shinton (Region Chief Commissioner) and Elaine Brannon (County Awards Chair).

The award recognizes the extraordinary contribution and dedication given by a member of Girlguiding Midlands who is providing quality guiding to girls and young women primarily at a unit level.

Please use the form below to nominate someone from Girlguiding Shropshire.

Girlguiding Shropshire Awards

These recognise and reward the activity of our volunteers and young people which is over and above what is expected of the role.

County Good Service Award:

This is awarded by the County Commissioner to any adult member of Girlguiding Shropshire who has given outstanding service to the County – often in more than one capacity but not necessarily.

County Commissioner Award:

This is awarded by the County Commissioner to any adult member of Girlguiding Shropshire who has given exceptional service at Unit, District or Division level. This service should be above and beyond the expected requirements of the appointment/s held.

County Recognition Pins:

These can be awarded by any Commissioner (in consultation with the County Commissioner) to recognise and thank girls and volunteers for inspirational, motivational and/or innovative actions.

If you would like to nominate someone for a County Award or Recognition pin please use the contact form below.

Queen's Guide Award

The Queen’s Guide Award is the highest award you can work towards as a member of Girlguiding. It’s available to those aged 16-25 and must be completed within three years from the start date or before your 26th birthday, whichever is soonest.

Our County Queen’s Guide Co-Ordinator is Megan Phillips.

Megan can be contacted on

 If you’re interested in starting your Queen’s Guide Award or would like some information on it please contact Megan. She will arrange to meet with you, contact your mentor for the award, or help find one if you don’t have one in mind, and help you to prepare a plan for your award.