Longford Campfire

Posted by Martin Wynn

Girlguiding Longford district had a bonfire at Neville’s Field in Edgmond, with campfire singing led by the Trefoil Guild – around 75 girls spending time together in the great outdoors!

Midlands Region Jump – July 2023

Posted by Martin Wynn

15 intrepid leaders from across the Region volunteered to fundraise and raise awareness of Girlguiding by completing a tandem parachute jump in July…. Including our very own Ranger Leader Debbie Bray.

“The date approached but sadly the weather was not in our favour the jump was postponed until October.”The date approached but sadly the weather was not in our favour the jump was postponed until October.

Blue almost cloudless skies beckoned in Nottingham as we approached SkyDive Langar Airfield. We had our training and then we were off….14000feet up, attached to my instructor James, filmed by Pete and we made my very first parachute jump.

Freefall initially then the parachute opened and we gently took  in the sights, I was allowed to steer and we did two half spins then two full spins (alas none were caught on camera but we DEFINITELY did them!!) and then a gentle, graceful landing – just like we’d practiced!

It was an absolutely amazing, fantastic experience! Thanks to my hubby Lance for driving all that way, to Graham and Josh for cheerleading, to Stephanie, Clare and the Region team for organising us all and for bringing badges, certificates, cake and refreshments! to Skydive Langar especially James and Pete my instructor and cameraman and the biggest thank you to all my wonderful sponsors…thank you so much.

More photos and the videos are on my fundraising page….

Debbie Bray is fundraising for UK Skydiving Adventures | Give as you Live Donate

Another amazing opportunity from Girlguiding…what will  your next adventure be? Make sure you grasp it with both hands!”

Volunteering in Serbia (9-19/8/2023)

Posted by Martin Wynn

After a year of planning including two weekends and three days getting to know each other, our Midland Region group of 16 Rangers and 4 Leaders, with one Ranger and one Leader from Shropshire, set off on the flight from Heathrow to Belgrade where we were met by volunteers from the EcoCentre, Sremski Karlovski and taken by coach to the Centre (about an hour’s travel) where we stayed for our adventure.

We volunteered at the Nature Reserve 15minutes walk from the EcoCentre, on the banks of the River Danube, where we helped sanding and painting the picnic benches, open sided classroom and the bridge which a previous group had built. While one half of the group were busy with this, the rest of us moved the logs, branches and twigs which had fallen during a recent horrific storm….we loaded them onto a trailer and the tractor driver took them off site to be used locally. The following day the groups swopped over so everyone had a turn with both activities. We even made it into the Regional Newspaper!

This was the daily morning routine (we started early as temperatures reached 34degrees C some days.) Then in the afternoons and evenings we had a variety of activities including a visit to the Bee Keeping Museum, a walk up Mount Fuska Gora, time exploring Belgrade, Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovski, we learnt how to make Kuglof cake, had an International evening and a Board Games night with local volunteers.

It was an amazing adventure, with new friendships made, opportunities taken, and challenges overcome. Thank you to all who made it possible, all the people we met who made this so memorable, Concordia (the travel Company) and to Midland Region for allowing the trip to go ahead.

Look out for the next local, national and International opportunities and sign up for your own adventure – anything is possible.

Shamblers on Tour

Posted by Martin Wynn

The  Shamblers, the informal Shropshire Guiding walking group, recently went on tour to Glenbrook which is the Guide house in the Peak District. Over the three days 10 of us tackled three different walks. A hot and sunny climb up and over Mam Tor, a day walking in the clouds climbing up from the Derwent reservoir (of dam busters fame) to Back Tor and Lost Lad and a third walk along Stannage Edge. An 85 year old Guiding friend joined us on one of the walks and we all hope we’ll be as spry at that age! The walks are open to any Shrosphire volunteer who fancies a bit of exercise, fresh air and friendship.The walks usually take place within the County about twice per month.  For more information contact Jo Revell Walking Adviser: jorevell1@icloud.com or 07834673204

Volunteer Event

Posted by Amanda Taylor

Crafty carols! A fun, free event for all volunteers, to say thank you for everything you do. Everyone is welcome.

Join us at our Volunteer ‘thank you’ event on Sunday 26th November 2-4pm in Shrewsbury. Get Christmassy and socialise with other volunteers, learn some new crafts and of course there will be Christmas Carols. Drinks and mince pies will be provided. 

Shropshire Way – Presentation

Posted by Martin Wynn

We enjoyed a lovely walk along part of the Shropshire Way in Shrewsbury with trustees of the Shropshire Way Association(SWA) in February 2023 to celebrate our completion of the 200-mile Shropshire Way Challenge as a County. 

Jo Revell (county walking adviser) was presented with a framed certificate for Shropshire Girl Guiding and an A2 map poster of the route by Audrey Menhinick, Chair of SWA. We presented the four Shropshire Way trustees who attended the walk with a Shropshire Way badge each.

Shropshire Guiding recorded 112 different walks, and covered 513 miles or 2257 Guiding miles (i.e. the total mileage done collectively by all participants). We started the Challenge in February 2020 but this was extended from one year to three due to the pandemic. Overall, more than 116 members (10 from outside the County) have taken part, including 22 Brownie Guides, 29 Ranger Guides and 65 adult leaders.

There are still a few Shropshire Way badges available from Marion Wynn if you haven’t claimed yours yet.

The walking has been so enjoyable that a core group of volunteers are walking about twice per month, calling themselves the Shamblers. Any member of Girlguiding Shropshire is welcome to join any of the walks – contact Jo Revell for details jorevell1@icloud.com or 07834673204.

The next walking challenge is circular walks of any length to appeal to the variety of ages and abilities. This challenge is part of the Shropshire Circles Challenge. If you need help to work out a route for your unit just contact Jo Revell for help.

Introducing the Shamblers!

Posted by Martin Wynn

Following on from the success of the Shropshire Way Challenge a group of five Shropshire Guiding Volunteers have decided to carry on walking and have adopted the name “Shamblers” (Shropshire Guiding Ramblers!). We aim to walk twice a month, usually in Shropshire and hope to have a programme of circular walks over the coming year.  

Any member of Girlguiding Shropshire is welcome to join us on any of the walks. Dates (but not necessarily the routes) are planned a month in advance. Walks are often 9+km long starting at the agreed meeting point at 10a.m. and often adjourning to somewhere nearby for tea and cake at the end.  We are an informal, flexible group so if you fancy some fresh air, exercise, lovely scenery and friendly company do join us.

The next walk dates are:

6th & 20th December 23, 7th & 13th January 24.

 Email Jo Revell Walking Adviser on jorevell1@icloud.com or text/phone 07834673204 if you’d like to come.

Safe Space Trainings

Posted by Amanda Taylor

Please see a list below of all the available face to face trainings in 2023. Please click the date to book.

Safe Space Level 3

Saturday 11th November 2023 9.30-12.30

If you have any issues with booking or have any queries please email training@girlguidingshropshire.org.uk

1st Response Trainings

Posted by Amanda Taylor

Please find the available face to face trainings in 2023. Please click the date to book.

Saturday 11th November 2023 9.30-4

If you have any issues with booking or have any queries please email training@girlguidingshropshire.org.uk

Shamblers clock up 2000 miles on the Shropshire Way

Posted by Martin Wynn

We did it! Not only have Girlguiding Shropshire walked the entirety of the Shropshire Way but we’ve reached our target of 2000 Guiding miles too!

Six members of Girlguiding Shropshire plus one guest marked the last day of British Summer Time by walking from Wem to Whixall on the Shropshire Way – and back again.  Girlguiding Shrosphire has now clocked up over 2000 Guiding miles on the Shropshire Way since the challenge began in 2020. Well done everyone who has taken part.

 The challenge will continue until Thinking Day 2023 so if you walk any part of the Shropshire Way before then you are entitled to your Shropshire Way Challenge – available from Marion Wynn.

The Guiding members who have been walking together regularly have called themselves the “Shamblers” (ShropshireRamblers – geddit!?) and intend to carry on walking even once the challenge has finished. Any member of Girlguiding Shropshire is welcome to join any of our walks. The next dates are the 7th and 13th November. Contact Jo Revell the walking adviser on 07834673204 or jorevell1@icloud.com for further details.