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Why you should volunteer with us..

Gabby shares why she'd recommend volunteering with us in Shropshire.

We could just tell you how great it is to volunteer with Girlguiding Shropshire and hope that convinces you, but thought it might be better to ask some of our current volunteers to tell you themselves, why they love volunteering with us.

Gabby is a Young Leader with a Brownie unit, is training to be a Guide Leader and was a member of a Senior Section in Shropshire. She explains why she enjoys her guiding roles:

“As a young leader for brownies, leader in training for guides and a past member of the senior section myself I never know quite what will happen, it is full of adventures! From Camps, to festivals, to craft, to chilling, to games, to campfires, to singing, to remembrance, to trips out, to county events, to holidays, to activities, to face painting, to absolutely anything, if you are prepared to have fun, be like a rainbow yourself, then go for it, that is what guiding is all about!”

Gabby has picked out some of her favourite photos of her guiding memories, which you can see on our Facebook page.

If you’d like to join us, please register your interest here.